Bastien Pons 
[concrete] photography

9/15(Wed)-9/26(Sun), 2004

Bastien Pons was born in France in 1968. A photography enthusiast from a very early age, he went on to study graphic arts and photography and later graduated from the Conservatoire de Lyon (Electroacoustic Composition). In addition to his photo documentaries the world over, he continues to pursue his graphic research, focusing his work on the linkage between image and music.


1. A compound or mass formed by concretion, spontaneous
union, or coalescene of separate particles, of matter in one body.

2. A mixture of gravel, pebbles, or broken stone with cement
or with tar, etc., used for sidewalks, roadways, foundations,
etc., and esp. for submarine structures.

3. Concrete music. music in which natural sounds (instrumental,
vocal or other) are recorded on tape and then distorted, combined,
etc. This term was coined by the French composer Pierre Schaeffer
in 1948.

This series of photographs focuses on the different meanings of the term "concrete". The first - and initially the most obvious - refers to the material itself, both steadfast and monolithic, yet endowed with monochromatic beauty of the finest detail, combining strength and fragility, marked by wear and scarred by the onslaught of external elements.

But above all, the term "concrete" refers to "concrete music", an expression coined by Pierre schaeffer to describe what is now known as electlo-acoustic or acousmatic music. The photographer, Bastien Pons, has drawn inspiration from his background composing experi- mental music, and entertains the same relationship with the photographic image as he does with music. For him, the photographic image is a medium, much in the same way as the "corps sonores" (musical objects) referred to by Pierre Schaeffer, to be juxtaposed, processed, mixed and crafted so as to produce a true graphic "polyphony". The final result is born of the transformation of the initial image through the superimposing of textures and shapes.

The piece "Horizontal wastelands" was composed specially by Bastien Pons to illustrate the exhibition [concrete] photography. This monolithic-style piece, is composed of a continuous and unwavering granular backdrop of sound, which serves as a screen allowing a host of musical events to filter through. The listener remains enmeshed in this continuously unfurling backdrop and is led along a voyage of discovery, as if a character in the landscapes that appear before him.


バスティエン・ポン 個展
[concrete ] photography/「具体」写真



1. 凝結、自発的結合、又は物質の粒子の合着によって形成される化合物もしくは集合物。
2. 砂利、小石、割石をセメント、あるいはタール等で固めた混合物で、歩道、車道、構造基盤等、特に海底構造体の構造資材として使われる。
3. ミュージック・コンクレート。具体音楽。器楽音、肉声などの自然音をテープ録音した後、それを歪めたり組み合わせたりして創る音楽。この用語はフランスの作曲家ピエール・シェフェールが1948年に使い始めた。

しかし、ここでは「コンクリート」という言葉は、何よりも「具体音楽」を指す。これはピエール・シェフェールの表現で、今日電子音響音楽(エレクトロ・アクースティック・ミュージックもしくはアクースマティック)と呼ばれるようになった用語である。実験音楽の作曲に携わっていた経験のあるバスティアン・ポンは、その影響を受け、自身と音楽を結びつけるのと同じ関係を画像に対しても持っている。彼にとって写実的画像とは、ちょうどピエール・シェフェールの言う「corps sonores/音の物体」と同様に、真に写実的グラフィックの「ポリフォニー/多声音楽」を作り出すために、並置・加工・混合・構成が可能な表現手段・画材なのである。この質感や形状の重ね合わせの過程において画像は変容し、初期の自然性をある意味で喪失した結果、作品が出来上がる。



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