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Yoshifumi HAYASHI,Keiju KAWASHIMA,Misato UEKUSA,Miki TAKAOKA,Kyoco HIROYAMA,Sawako DAITO,and ChristianPETER,Frank-Ivo Van Damme.
CDsized new work Exhibition
-Yoichi ITAKURA(Sold), s.ukawa, kiiman, Satomi KUWAHARA, Sawsin KONDO, Yui SAMEJIMA, TAMA, Sakurako HAMAGUCHI, Jean-Marc FORAX, misora, Hiroko YAMAJI, Lucas RUIZ.

Yoshifumi HAYASHI
Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Lives and works in Paris since 1974. Began drawing by pencil from 1976.
His erotic world with matchless technic is filled with the beauty and the vitality. Selected solo exhibitions: 2013 Vanilla gallery, Tokyo, Japan ('08, '06).2009 Museum of Porn in art, Zurich, Swiss ('07, '08). 2004 Eroticism museum, Paris.2012 Kyoto Art Fair (GALLERY MAISON D'ART)

Born in Osaka, Japan. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 1984.
He develops his new original sculpture with woods, steel, bronze and polyethylene.
He held many solo exhibitions in Japan and abroad especially in Spain.
2010 Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art, Okayama, Japan. GALERIA PAQUI DELGADO, Barcelona, Spain,2009 Quiosc Gallery, Tremp, Spain.

Misato UEKUSA 
Born in 1978, in Osaka, Japan. Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, major in oil painting in 2000.
She develops by oil painting and drawing putting together lines, surfaces and geometrical patterns.Selected solo exhibitions: 2012 ART SPACE NIJI, Kyoto, Japan('01, '03, '07, '09, '11).Selected group exhibitions: 2012 "Contrast", GALLERY MAISON D'ART, 2006 "Plants room", GALLERY MAISON D'ART, Osaka, Japan.

Born in 1979, in Kyoto, Japan. Graduatedfrom Kyoto College of Art, major in oil painting in 2001. She paints scenery and landscape which change one after another with bold abstract painting.
Solo exhibitions: 2012 O gallery eyes, Osaka, Japan( '07, '09), 2011 ART SPACE NIJI, Kyoto, Japan( '04, '06, '08, '10).Selected group exhibitions: 2012 "Contrast", GALLERY MAISON D'ART, Osaka, Japan.Awards: 2009 "Wonder seed 2009" selected, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan,2005 "Shell Art Award 2005" .

First Solo exhibition "Ni・wa", MAISON D'ART Shukugawa in 2000.
Her works were well received at MAISON D'ART Paris in 2008.Selected solo exhibitions: 2012 "le blanc", 2009 "Tsuyu", 2005 "Ukiwa (float)",
GALLERY MAISON D'ART, Osaka, Japan.2006 "Pray", THE 14th MOON, Osaka, Japan. and many group exhibitions.
Awards: 2002 PATER's GALLERY(Tokyo) Competition.selected by Toru KOGURE.

Sawako DAITO
Born in 1970, in Osaka, Japan. Collected in Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts,, Japan in 1999.
She has developed "a series of a portrait of Japanese red apple".Her work's color is born from chemical reaction and natural phenomena.
First solo exhibition at MAISON D'ART Shukugawa in 2000. Others, solo exhibitions: 2008 "an apple&-faith or fake", GALLERY MAISON D'ART Osaka, Japan. "an apple&", HANAE MORI Building, Tokyo, Japan.


Christian Peter:Born in Paris. Lives and works in Paris. Works in various field, from contemporary art to fashion,landscape photography.He held many solo exhibitions... mainly in Paris and Brussels, Stockholm.-   -Frank-Ivo Van Damme:Born in Belgium. Studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.He draws mainly erotic women by print(copperplate) .He is well-known as for bookplates and illustration for books. 



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