Fotofever paris 2014

MAISON D'ART presents 2artists.

Atsushi TANI and Sawako DAITO

"In and Out" - Two different universes will cohabitate in our space :
A space between the dark, gothic, erotic, doll house microcosm of TANI's pictures
and the light, contrasted, evanescent, colorful macrocosm of DAITO's works.
A space where relations of forms, characters, influences can be interrogated and revealed.


Atsushi TANI

Born in 1967. Lives and works in Osaka.
Atsushi TANI explores the beauty of women's bodies with an atmosphere between Gothic and surrealism.

●Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 'Specimen box of angels', Poster Hari's Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2013 ‘Histoire de l'oeil’ , Musée de l'érotisme, Paris, France.(presents GALLERY MAISON D'ART)
2012 ‘Photographer Atsushi Tani,trajectory of 20 years and new works’ ,
Poster Hari's Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
‘Flower’ , At Gallery ALGEA , Tokyo, Japan.
2011 ‘Atsushi TANI Exhibition’ , Poster Hari ‘s Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
‘Portrait of men’ , Poster Hari ‘s Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2010 Ken Hamazaki Red Museum, Osaka, Japan.
‘Histoire de l’ oeil’ , gallery & books edge, Osaka, Japan.
'Histoire de l’ oeil Part 1’ , Yasuda Art Link, Tokyo, Japan.
2009 gallery & books edge, Osaka, Japan.
2008 gallery & books edge, Osaka, Japan.
2007 Monde Bizzarro gallery, Rome, Italy.
2006 Act tribal, Paris, France.
Vanilla gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2005 Luft Schloss, Tokyo, Japan.
Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2004 BODY ART/ WEIRD FAKTORY, Avignon, France.
2002 Chayamachi Gallery, Osaka, Japan.
1991 Galerie Godante, Hyogo, Japan.

2013 ‘Ambivalence’ (Publishing: Atelier Third)
2010 ‘Histoire de L'oeil’ (Publishing: Gallery CAVE)
2008 Production of photograph for the jacket and booklet of the disc
‘Point de suture’ of Mylène Farmer.


Sawako DAITO

Born in 1970 in Hyogo, Japan.
Lives in Hyogo and works in Osaka.

Sawako DATO has been developing "the portrait of Japanese apples" for more than 10 years.
Sometimes naturally, sometimes magical.

●Solo Exhibitions
2014 "an apple &", Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Hyogo, Japan.
2008 "an apple & - faith or fake", MAISON D'ART Osaka, Japan.
"an apple &", HANAE MORI Building, Tokyo, Japan. (Produced by HANAE MORI FOUNDATION)
"an apple short pieces", OIDA ART, Tokyo, Japan.
"an apple &", MAISON D'ART Osaka, Japan.
2003 "Photo Exhibition by Sawako DAITO", die galerie FOTO, Osaka, Japan.
2000 "rough particle", gallery musee ange, Hyogo, Japan.

●Art Fair
2010 "Kobe art marche", Portopia Hotel, Kobe, Japan.
"CHIC ART FAIR", Paris, France.

2011 Selected The 39 th Japan Advertising Photographers' Association, APA-'2011'.
2010 Selected“Hunt for this century's Leonardo da Vinci !" International Art Triennale 2010.
1999 Selected The 27 th Japan Advertising Photographers' Association, APA-'99.

●Permanent Collections
2010 Osaka University of Art.
1999 Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (K.MoPA), Yamanashi, Japan.