Pierre Casanova


July 13th -- July 24th, 2005


The first exhibition of Pierre Casanova in Japan,


a Parisian photographer haunted by the night's world.

-Wandering in the silent darkness of numb cities, outside or inside deserted buildings, I let myself invaded by the unseen personality of the metropolitan universe. No Human will cross my path. Only rootless monsters of stone, iron, wood or glass, coming to life in the night. Who are these creatures? Are they still our Creations? I have no answer. I just keep witnessing the changes of Matter.

真夜中。無感覚な静まりかえった暗闇。誰もいないビルの内や外をさまよいながら、僕は 宇宙の中に確かに存在する、都市の、目に見えない個性、得体の知れないパワーに押しつぶされてしまう。根をもたない物質、石ころや鉄や木やガラスの怪だけが真夜中に動きだす。 これらは一体何なんだろう。僕にはわからない。-僕は、ただその変化をずっと見続けている。-P.カザノヴァ (文責:ギャラリーメゾンダール)


 P i e r r e C a s a n o v a
-Born 1971 in Paris, FRANCE
Lives in Paris, France
Works in Europe, Asia (India, Vietnam) and in the USA

◆2002 Grand Prix
Festival du Scoop, Angers, France
(Photo Journalism Festival)↑

Personal Exhibitions

2005, 2006 James Nicholson Gallery, San Francisco
2005 Gallery MAISON D'ART,Osaka,JAPAN
2003 ‘Terre d’Images’ Festival, Biarritz, France
Richer Library Gallery, Angers, France
2000 − 2002 Promotional exhibitions for the book ‘L’ombre des Gares’
Scoop Festival, Angers, France
L’arbre a` Lettres, Lille, France
Arthaud, Grenoble, France
Dialogues, Brest, France
Les 5 Continents, Montpellier, France
FNAC Geneva, Switzerland


2005 ‘Voyages en Orient’ (collective book) - publisher : Editions du Che^ne
2002 ‘Inde − L’ombre des Gares’ (Bernard Lachaud) − publisher : Editions France Delory, foreword
from Alain Corneau


2002 Grand Prix Festival du Scoop, Angers, France (Photo Journalism Festival)
2000 Prix du Jury Noir & Blanc Ilford 2000 (Black & White Fine Art Photography award)
1993 Prix du court-me´trage, concours Hachette Jeunesse du Festival International du Film et de la
Jeunesse de Paris (Youth Short Movies Festival Contest)

Also works as ‘Grand Reporter’ and photojournalist for French magazines : le Figaro Magazine, Le Figaro litte´raire -
Le Monde 2 − Le Monde Diplomatique, VSD…


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